This is a list of books mentioned or reviewed in any posts as an easy way of finding them.

Please feel free to comment or suggest any books you´ve enjoyed or write a guest book review yourself.

Books Mentioned in Blog Posts

Black Diamonds by Catherine Bailey in Wentworth Estate, Yorkshire

Spanish Recognitions by Mary Lee Settle in Some Great Quotes and Sighs of The Alhambra

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee

Spain on a Plate by Mariá José Sevilla

Books Reviewed

Bitten by Spain A new life story by Deborah Fletcher

DK Spain Guidebook in DK Eyewitness Travel Spain Guidebook

Handbook of Canary Folk Medicine - The Secrets of our Old Herbalists in Gardens, Hotels and Self-catering in La Alpujarra

The Food of Spain in Review of Food of Spain

Two Middle Aged Ladies by Penelope Chetwode

CoolCamping Cookbook Innovative recipes from the CoolCamping team.

I´ve a long list of books about Andalucia on my Andalucia website if you´d care to peruse them go to
My Reviews page.

I´m currently reading

The page turning tale of Jason Webster's Duende - A Journey in Search of Flamenco. A young man in search of himself with a desire to learn Flamenco guitar heads off alone to Spain. Finding a teacher, a lover and becoming a member of a Gyspy Flamenco band keeps him in plenty of trouble. A great book sharing a little written about underworld of music, drugs and duende.

Aprons and Silver Spoons the memoirs of Mollie Moran from her early years in service in the 1930s. An easy informative read printed in 2013 in Mollie's 96th year. Thoroughly enjoyable with tips and recipes from the times.

Camilla Lackberg´s The Ice Princes the first of her crime novels to be translated from Swedish and a fine read. A modern day Agatha Christie type murder-mystery in modern-day Sweden with some real tough but believable small-town characters. It´s a page turner that won´t last me long.

Just finished The Physician by Noah Gordon who also wrote The Last Jew. Really enjoyed both and will be looking out for The Shaman the sequel to The Physician. The Last Jew was particularly enjoyable set in set in medieval Spain.

World Without End A follow-up to Pillars of the Earth (below) is every bit as good and difficult to put down. It´s not necessary to read Pillars of the Earth to enjoy this romping good yarn about Medieval England, Monks, Earls, Kings and common townsfolk of the day.

Not exactly reading but dipping in and out and drooling over the pics in this lovely Moorish Architecture book.

That Woman by Anne Sebba - A biography on Wallis Simpson the Duchess of Windsor, could be heavy going but easy to roll into.


Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett - An epic tale set in twelfth-century England. This book has sat on my to read shelf and been consistently ignored due to its volume. After much hubby-persuasion I picked it up and was riveted from page 1.

I´m picking it up at every opportunity, loving the characters and the portrayal of the times. With 1076 pages it´s going to keep me quiet for a while.

If you liked The Last Jew you´ll love this.

A brilliant, brilliant book kept me turning every page not wanting to put it down. Follow the lives and times from  1135 - 1174 through battles, crusades, love and famine as a cathedral is built by a faithful monk. Very sad to have finished it but a heartily satisfying end to an epic tale.